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"With all the available information on nutrition, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and skeptical, however, Cathy Leman has the unique ability to provide a common sense approach to eating healthy.

Cathy’s sense of humor combined with her ability to translate the science of nutrition and exercise to everyday tips on meal preparation and exercise reflects her understanding of employees’ busy work/life schedules.

Cathy’s presentations to our employees on such topics as “Eating Healthy During The Holiday’s” and “Nutrition At Work; Eating Healthy At The Office And On The Road” incorporated Quaker, Tropicana, and Gatorade products, which made them all the more meaningful for our employees.

I would highly recommend her as a speaker and for one-on-one nutrition counseling."

Mary Landi, RN, M.ED.
Former Manager of Disability & Wellness Programs, PepsiCo Chicago

"We have asked Cathy Leman to present to large groups of people, small groups of people, on one topic, on several topics, on general topics and on specific topics.  We have even had her physically coach our staff in exercise techniques.  And she has never disappointed.  Cathy has demonstrated an ever-increasing knowledge and significant expertise over the years.  Her message is always fresh, current and impactful and her style is always fun, interactive and memorable. 

But my favorite thing about Cathy is she never comes across as preachy or disapproving so the audience never gets defensive or withdraws.  It really helps them buy into her message."

Martha H. Rademacher
Director of Finance & Programs, Park District Risk Management Agency