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The Beginning

Central Illinois. 10 acres. Either playing outside or being all but physically pried from the books that I read voraciously and almost constantly to “go outside and play.” Enormous vegetable and fruit garden. At any given time, various numbers of cows, chickens, pigs, and an occasional pony meandering about. Playing hide & seek in the hay mow, wedged between freshly harvested bales of hay. Learning from my mom and grandma how to cook and bake. Delicious memories: baking cookies in my grandma’s basement kitchen, the days my mom would give me the green light and solo, full-kitchen access to “cook whatever you want.” Walking behind my dad in the enormous vegetable garden making certain to step in his footprints so I wouldn’t unintentionally crush “food-bearing” plants (not easy to tell weeds from green beans when you’re a little kid.) My Easy Bake Oven. A family friend who took a job in the dietary department at a local hospital. She shared the calorie difference between a tuna salad sandwich and a bowl of tuna salad . . . I’m still not sure why, but I found that information fascinating and remember the conversation to this day.

The Middle

Skipped college (one year at a community college didn’t really count in my book.) A one-day, first-ever field trip to Chicago. Fell madly, passionately, forever in love with the energy, the urban groove, the anonymity, and the endlessly fascinating aspects of all things “city”. Did then and still do now, hate the winters. Found job, apartment, and through complete and utter naiveté left behind the 10 acres, meandering animals, and huge vegetable and fruit garden to morph into a city girl. But took my books. Interestingly, discovered the frozen food section at the grocery, restaurant takeout, and the wonder of happy hour disguised as nourishment. Met many successful people who became successful via a college degree. College began to whisper to me, nutrition fascination wouldn’t leave me. By way of a stint in fashion retail, went to work in the tech industry (what??) which turned out to be a surprising conduit to matrimony. College began to scream at me, field of nutrition was blooming.

And Now (certainly not “The End”)

A Bachelor of Science degree in human nutrition and dietetics. Completion of a credentialed 900 hour dietetic internship. A grueling 4.5 hour exam to earn registered dietitian credential. A Master’s degree in health psychology. Love of books came in especially handy. On-going education in weight management, eating disorders, and general nutrition for health. Absolutely adore and am grateful daily for my work as a nutrition therapist, certified personal trainer, speaker, author, and consultant in the fields of nutrition, fitness, and health. Have complete, solo, full-kitchen access to cook whatever I want (vegan, vegetarian, and Mediterranean-inspired dishes) and perform and implement healthy revisions to baked goods recipes. Excised the frozen food section, restaurant takeout, and happy hour “dinners” decades ago. Love to teach and inspire others to cook and nourish themselves with “real” food. Unequivocally know that I NEVER left behind the 10 acres, meandering animals, and huge vegetable and fruit garden – I just took an exhilarating journey back to all of the tenets I learned then and hold near and dear now.

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