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NutriTips Collection

I am the author of two indispensible, practical booklets that are packed with simple nutrition tips. The “NutriTips” collection of booklets currently boasts two titles, but there are more in the works.

NutriFit Booklet

Have you ever wondered if tomato juice counts as a vegetable? Find the answer, and a practical way to use the information in “Eat Healthy. Live Healthy. 114 Easy Ways To Make Good Nutrition A Habit”, Tip #60. 

$6.50 (shipping & handling included)

Nutrition At Work

Do you find that you don’t sleep very well when traveling and wonder if there’s a nutrition trick that could help? Find the answer, and a delicious solution in “Nutrition At Work. 60 Simple Ways To Eat Healthy On The Road And At The Office”, Tip #27.

$6.50 (shipping & handling included)

Other Products


The AE120XL is a simple Activity Step pedometer with Extra Large display digits. Built exclusively for ACCUSPLIT using the same JW200 PedometerEngine step sensor (also known as the Digi-Walker engine) used on the rest of the AE100XL series.

  • Excellent accuracy
  • Counts Steps walked or jogged up to 100|000 Steps (0 to 99|999 & rollover).
  • Closed case protection of display and reset button
  • 5-Year No Proof of Purchase Warranty
  • Leash slot incorporated into case to help prevent accidental loss
  • Includes FREE 3-Way Pedometer Leash

$27.00 (shipping & handling included)


The Massage Star

The Massage Star™
Massage Star is a brand new product for the Acuforce line. Invented by Acuforce Founder & CEO, John G. Louis, CMT. Massage Star has 3 applications, the Wedge, on the top of the tool, to perform Muscle-Stripping and Cross-fiber Friction. The Wide and Narrow Points to perform Trigger Point Therapy and Reflexology. The tool weighs 11 oz. making it easy for virtually anyone to use the product successfully. It's great for self-care and in a clinical setting to treat others. Its soft, yet durable coating makes it feel completely natural. Works very well with massage creams and oils. Perfect for the professional and consumer alike. It's small enough to easily fit in your pocket or purse. Includes instructional DVD and booklet. Patents pending.

$25.00 (shipping & handling included)