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More Testimonials

"John is doing well. His last A1C was good and the Doc is pleased. I'm finding it easier to get variety in our meals. Your guidance was excellent, and you took the stress out of the diagnosis for both of us."

~ Bonnie and John G.

"For the past 10 years, I have been on an up and down journey with my weight.   I’ve tried every diet, and my last ditch effort was seeing a dietician.  Looking back, I realize that I should have started with nutrition counseling.  Through Cathy’s guidance, she has helped me make peace with food, understand the underlying reasons why I haven’t been successful through dieting, and even how dieting has contributed to my inability to win the weight loss battle.

What’s nice about Cathy is that she helps ask the right questions so I can explore the‘why’ behind my actions, and then we discuss the tools to tackle the issue.  I am not done with my journey yet, but am grateful to give up the deprivation diets and learn eating skills that I can carry on for a lifetime.  What a relief!

Essentially, Cathy gives practical advice about nutrition and the counseling I need to get my head straight on how I deal with food.  At the age of 30, I am so grateful to have the tools to make peace with food.  Otherwise I fear I would have been on the up and down rollercoaster for the next 30 years!  It is my opinion that a little upfront investment in nutrition counseling, will result in a lifetime of good rewards."

~ Cristine G.

"Cathy is not only a nutritionist, but a life changer. She inspired me to talk about my emotions about food and much more. She helped me realize why I was eating the way I was. Because of her, my life changed for the better!

I stopped rebelling from my family to eat awful, and realized eating the way I was only hurt me. Thanks to Cathy, I’m living a much more enjoyable, and healthy life. We never talked about dieting, but to just eat healthier while still enjoying the foods I love. By eating healthy and working out, I lost 4 pounds in two weeks! Thanks Cathy, for everything!"

~ Alexa I.