NutriFit :: Eat Well Get StrongOne-on-One Nutrition Therapy

Why Nutrition Therapy?

Studies show that targeted, longer-term, individualized nutrition counseling improves adherence and outcome for people that are ready to make changes to their diet. Why is that important?

Because no two people struggle with the same nutrition issue, one-size-fits-all nutrition recommendations just don’t make sense. If you’re interested in a blanket nutrition approach to losing weight, managing your medical condition, or improving your overall health, there are many such programs to choose from – but NutriFit isn’t one of them. I tailor nutrition plans to address the goals, concerns, and challenges unique to each client.

What Is Nutrition Therapy?

Nutrition therapy is a collaborative effort between you and I to target your specific nutritional issues. We may need to try more than one approach before arriving at the best solution – but that’s the beauty of working one-on-one. Your needs are heard, respected, and valued in a comfortable, non-judgmental environment. Nutrition therapy is conducted one-on-one and is on-going (but not indefinite.)

I work first and foremost as a dietitian, a nutrition professional trained in both clinical and preventive strategies. I make certain that your diet is balanced, varied, appropriate in calories and nutrients, and adequate for your gender, age, activity level, and any medical condition.

My additional training in health psychology allows me identify roadblocks that have stalled your progress in the pursuit of health. For example, most of my weight loss clients quickly realize that the food they eat is only one piece of the problem – the bigger issue is what’s eating THEM! If the situation warrants, I will refer you to one of my therapist or psychologist colleagues in order to create a cohesive, supportive team alliance between the three of us.

Why NutriFit?

Since 1998 I have counseled hundreds of clients, and each experience deposits tools into my professional “tool box”. For each client, I draw from an enormous depth of problem-solving skills, knowledge, and behavior change techniques, and I constantly expand my knowledge base through continuing professional education.  When it comes to making healthy lifestyle changes, I know what works, and perhaps more importantly, what doesn’t.

At the center of my work is my background in nutrition, fitness, and health psychology, and I rely heavily on the science of each discipline. Forget “get-thin-quick” schemes, over-the-counter weight loss drugs, pre-packaged food, and questionable supplements. If you’re ready to make a change, and are willing to do your part, I can help you get there.

NutriFit offers a better way to meet your nutritional health needs.



"When every magazine has the newest answer to quick weight loss or improved health, Cathy Leman has helped me to get my nutrition and fitness facts straight.  She has helped me to stop kidding myself and has helped me to overcome my self-imposed obstacles.  I am well on my way to maximizing my middle aged, post-menopausal fabulousness!"

~Martha R.

"Cathy practically and emotionally supported me in overcoming disordered eating, which had become a habitual pattern throughout the last eight years of my life.  She was the resource I needed to begin my journey toward freedom from an unhealthy relationship with food.  With her empathy and guidance, I've been able to make educated choices that I never would've made on my own.  Cathy has been an invaluable resource for helping me understand how a healthy, balanced lifestyle can be defined and maintained."  

~ Susy G.


Areas of Expertise

• Weight management

• Eating disorders

• Emotional and disordered eating

• Vegetarian and vegan nutrition

• Lowering cholesterol and triglycerides

• Type 2 diabetes

• Women’s nutritional issues

◊ Pre and post-natal

◊ Pre and post-menopause

◊ Osteoporosis

◊ Gestational diabetes

• Adolescent nutrition

• Nutrition to support healthy aging

• Nutrition for recreational athletes

• Nutrition for dancers (ballet, modern, etc.)