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Meal, Ready-to-eat (MRE)

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

I have 5 amazing nephews, one of whom happens to be a Marine. I was fortunate to spend time with him over the Labor Day holiday when he made an unexpected trip home, brimming with stories of weeks in “the field”, grueling training sessions, and of course, the food.

When he first arrived in California (a mere 12 months ago), I found it particularly endearing when he recounted his meals during our phone calls. He excitedly described meals loaded with fruits, veggies, and protein – no junk. This from a kid who was practically raised on junk.

As much as I don’t like to think about it, he’s being trained to fight – and that training regimen requires calories. Lots of ’em. He’s young, he’s more physically active in one afternoon than most people are in one week, he carries 100+ pound packs for miles, and on occasion totes guns and other weapons that he’s told me weigh as much as I do.

He trains in conditions ranging from blistering desert heat to relentless rain and numbing cold. He has to be mentally and physically tough, and he has to be well-fed, getting plenty of nutrients that support both.



When out in the field, he carries his own food; Meals, Ready to eat, or MRE for short. He brought one home with him and demonstrated the preparation method. We all tasted “veggie burger in barbecue sauce” – it was fascinating, and I found the language on the box especially interesting.

“You are more active during field training, deployment and combat than in garrison. You need to eat more and drink more water or other fluids in these situations. When you don’t eat enough to meet your body’s energy needs, you lose weight. This can lead to a loss of body fluids and degrades your performance. In the field you NEED three meals per day. Restriction of food and nutrients leads to rapid weight loss which leads to: loss of strength, decreased endurance, loss of motivation, decreased mental alertness.”

And there you have it. Food = fuel = energy = improved performance and alertness; something even us civilians can benefit from.




Monday, May 11th, 2009

An updated website certainly deserves to be outfitted with all of the latest site “must-haves”, and without question a blog is the perfect accessory. I’ve been reading about, hearing about, learning about blogs for at least a year; at one point I even attempted to create one, but wasn’t at all sure how to go about it. Thank heavens for my genius website designer. I’m still way behind the learning curve, but I’d say this is progress!

I really think that my blog needs a name, other than, blog. I didn’t want to hold up the launch of my new site any longer while I vascillated between a couple of different blog names. . .so for now, blog it is. I’ve got a name in mind that I really like – but I’d love to hear your clever, catchy ideas. Send me your thoughts by June 1, 2009. If I select your idea for the new title, you’ll receive a complimentary copy of my booklet, “Eat Healthy. Live Healthy. 114 Easy Ways To Make Good Nutrition A Habit”.

So welcome to my blog and my inaugural post. I hope you visit often, and I promise to remain true to my commitment to blog regularly. Because nutrition is constantly on the front lines, it’s my professional duty and my pleasure to keep you accurately informed. I don’t portend to know EVERYTHING, and luckily have a whole host of wonderful resources to tap when I’m stumped.

My mission for my blog is simple. 1) separate the nutrition hype from the help 2) help you eat nutritiously, simply 3) provide healthy inspiration and ideas for nutritious choices and getting regular exercise 4) encourage healthy conversation about eating well and staying fit.

There are a handful of topics about which I am passionate and vocal, and will blog about consistently; women’s nutritional health and self-care, emotional and disordered eating, cooking at home, eating out judiciously (notice I didn’t say “less”?), getting and staying fit, and the power of a healthy diet.

Obviously, those topics pave the way for a vast list of subtopics, but that’s the point, right? I’m very excited – there’s just so much to talk about!