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Countdown to 1/2 Marathon – Day 20

Monday, April 8th, 2013
Check Out Number 9!

Check Out Number 9!

I thought this sign was too funny! Especially number 9 – NEVER EXERCISE ALONE.

Last Monday I did a treadmill run at the Holiday Inn Express in East Peoria, IL. The hotel staff was extremely friendly, the room was quiet, clean and spacious, the bed was fabulous. But the fitness room? I’ll start by giving them a thumbs up for even having one. It was clean and not too cramped, with furnished towels and a water dispenser – and wonderfully outdated exercise charts that were fun to look at, especially the 80’s workout attire! Yet if you were interested in anything other than cardio, you were out of luck.

Outdated Hotel Workout Poster HIEP

Love The Bike Shorts

Outdated Workout Poster Holiday Inn EP

And. . .More Bike Shorts

Workout Room HIEP

Nice Light, Good Variety of (working) Cardio Machines

While one weight machine was available, exercisers were limited to chest press, chest press, or chest press. And the decline mini-bench? It was fit only for teeny, tiny, inhumanly short little people – I’ve yet to figure out what one could actually do with it. I used it as a resting place for my heels while doing tricep dips. . .not ideal, but it worked.

Chest Press Machine

Chest Press Machine

Now back home, today was my “regular” Monday workout – so thankful! That meant a 20 minute warm-up on the stationary bike followed by 45 minutes of strength training, WITH DUMBBELLS, working biceps, shoulders, and triceps, with a little light leg work tossed in. Seriously, dumbbells should be your new BFF – especially if you’re a woman. Building muscle builds strength, stamina, and energy, and helps you burn calories more efficiently (even when not working out). All reasons why I was so disappointed there were no free weights (aka dumbbells) at the hotel. I missed my BFF’s.

With that said, I give the Holiday Inn Express in East Peoria, IL a two dumbbell rating (out of five). My recommendations for an improved workout experience? Move out the chest press machine and slanted mini-bench, and move in a rack of dumbbells ranging in weight from 3 – 50 pounds. Add 4, 6 and 8 pound medicine balls, and a BOSU balance trainer. Voila! That’s plenty of tools for a varied, effective workout.







Monday, May 11th, 2009

An updated website certainly deserves to be outfitted with all of the latest site “must-haves”, and without question a blog is the perfect accessory. I’ve been reading about, hearing about, learning about blogs for at least a year; at one point I even attempted to create one, but wasn’t at all sure how to go about it. Thank heavens for my genius website designer. I’m still way behind the learning curve, but I’d say this is progress!

I really think that my blog needs a name, other than, blog. I didn’t want to hold up the launch of my new site any longer while I vascillated between a couple of different blog names. . .so for now, blog it is. I’ve got a name in mind that I really like – but I’d love to hear your clever, catchy ideas. Send me your thoughts by June 1, 2009. If I select your idea for the new title, you’ll receive a complimentary copy of my booklet, “Eat Healthy. Live Healthy. 114 Easy Ways To Make Good Nutrition A Habit”.

So welcome to my blog and my inaugural post. I hope you visit often, and I promise to remain true to my commitment to blog regularly. Because nutrition is constantly on the front lines, it’s my professional duty and my pleasure to keep you accurately informed. I don’t portend to know EVERYTHING, and luckily have a whole host of wonderful resources to tap when I’m stumped.

My mission for my blog is simple. 1) separate the nutrition hype from the help 2) help you eat nutritiously, simply 3) provide healthy inspiration and ideas for nutritious choices and getting regular exercise 4) encourage healthy conversation about eating well and staying fit.

There are a handful of topics about which I am passionate and vocal, and will blog about consistently; women’s nutritional health and self-care, emotional and disordered eating, cooking at home, eating out judiciously (notice I didn’t say “less”?), getting and staying fit, and the power of a healthy diet.

Obviously, those topics pave the way for a vast list of subtopics, but that’s the point, right? I’m very excited – there’s just so much to talk about!