“October Means Halloween & “Breast Cancer Awareness”. . .Coincidence?”

October 6th, 2014
October O
For me, the month of October has two highlights – my wedding anniversary and Halloween. Other than being great ammunition for bad jokes, they have absolutely nothing in common. October is also breast cancer awareness month, which compared with Halloween has absolutely everything in common. I don’t know a single woman, myself included, for whom […]

Want To Reach Your Goal? ‘P’ On It.

September 22nd, 2014
2014 Half Mara1
On September 7 I ran the Chicago Half Marathon, my fourth 13.1 mile race. In 2011 I ran my first Chicago half, and in 2013, due to an odd set of circumstances, I ran two; Chicago, as well as the Christie Clinic Half in Champaign, IL. My hope is that in sharing a bit of […]

“Travelling Without Unravelling Healthy Eating Habits”

September 6th, 2014
Warming Hut
Out of all the reasons why I adore my clients, the fact that they are an adventurous bunch tops the list. Whether for business or pleasure, they frequently hit the road chasing adventure and collecting new experiences. The downside? They’re inevitably thrown off their “healthy eating” game. In my experience, there are three reasons for […]

“Unbreak Your Heart”

August 22nd, 2014
          On any given day of the week diet and nutrition are HOT topics, but you know something really controversial, life-changing or ground-breaking is afoot when one or the other makes the front page of the Sunday Chicago Tribune. A recent issue featured the perfect example; an article advocating for the […]

“True or False? 3,500 Calories = 1 Pound”.

August 7th, 2014
Vienna Scale
Up until very recently, I would have said absolutely, unequivocally, emphatically true. Except now, it absolutely, unequivocally, emphatically isn’t. At least for the time being. Darn that pesky science. It changes. Since becoming a dietitian, I have counseled hundreds of clients on weight loss, and consistently used the “3,500 calories equals one pound” that I […]

“Irony Screaming in a Forest of Sugar-Sprinkled Trees”

July 28th, 2014
  Recently I attended an event where I chatted with a woman who (once she learned I was a dietitian) began lamenting the fact that she eats too much sugar, and sugar, as in “really, I should work on cutting it out of my diet”, became her sole conversational focus. I could tell she was just […]

“Acting On Body Wisdom”

July 14th, 2014
Silence Book
If you’re familiar with the concept of mindfulness, you know that essentially it’s a commitment to paying attention; to our breathing, to our stress level, to our hunger and fullness cues, to the beauty that surrounds us – it’s a commitment to actually increasing our awareness of what’s happening in our own little world. At its […]

“Tricked Out” Veggies For Your 4th of July Table”

June 30th, 2014
For many, the 4th is a favorite holiday, what with no obligatory gift giving or main event meal requiring days of advance preparation. But every holiday has its celebratory foods – and why should the 4th be any different? Holiday foods ARE fun, but they tend to include choices you may not make on a […]

NutriFit Nutrition & Fitness Studio Celebrates Four Years!

June 30th, 2014
Last week we marked 4 years in our NutriFit studio. What many don’t realize is that NutriFit has been in existence since 1998, offering nutrition counseling, corporate wellness, and in-home personal training. The main difference now is that we offer personal training in our beautiful studio versus client’s homes. Our mission, however, remains the same; […]

“Putting Out The Fire of Inflammation”

June 12th, 2014
Fresh Mushrooms
I recently did a lecture on the topic of inflammation, and thought I’d share a few of the highlights here. Although there are a number of nutrition books based on the anti-inflammatory idea, there is a lot that we don’t yet know for certain. That being said, the following are things that we DO know: Guidelines […]

“Kissin’ Wears Out. Cookin’ Don’t.”

May 29th, 2014
Kissin Wears Out Cookin Dont
To me, one of the most interesting finds in boxes of dusty old books are those small, plastic-spined cookbooks, compiled through contributions made from members of churches, groups and associations. Recently, while digging through a pile of those little cookbooks, this title, “Cook and Tell”. . .“Kissin’ Wears Out, Cookin’ Don’t” had me in stiches […]

Drop Gluten, Drop Weight?

May 17th, 2014
Is going gluten-free all it’s cracked up to be? If you suffer from celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity, the short answer is yes. And that still holds true for those with a definitive diagnosis of celiac. But just last week, new research out of Monash University in Australia called into question whether non-celiac gluten […]

Divorcing Old Man Winter

February 7th, 2014

Dear Mother Nature, Please divorce Old Man Winter. I’m personally not a fan of divorce – believe me, I’ve witnessed the damage left in its wake. Yet there is no question that some relationships become so toxic, anyone remotely connected to the couple can be damaged by the poison that escapes the immediate boundaries of […]

Small But Mighty – Almond Quinoa Muffins

November 16th, 2013
Those Hard-To-Clean (but orderly) Tins
I may have mentioned this before, but for me, cooking, and especially baking – is like therapy. I’ve given this a lot of thought, trying to figure out why it’s so relaxing and satisfying to create something delicious. My musings have made me realize that one of the most therapeutic things about cooking and baking is that there’s a definite […]

Feed Me Friday!

November 8th, 2013
Indian Spice Collection
I am a huge fan of cooking on the weekend for the week ahead. It saves time, money, energy and YOUR SANITY! That said, I know how easy it can be to get into a cooking rut, making the same dish over and over and over; many of my clients struggle with this. Because my mission is to […]

A Hair-Raisingly Different Dietitian Perspective On Halloween

October 31st, 2013
Halloween Candy
 At our house, my husband typically purchases the Halloween candy. On Halloween. Here’s what he came home with today; not bad (except for those Nerds and other “kid candies” – no thanks). I rarely think about it until the week of the big day, then on the ACTUAL day I’m at work, there’s no candy, and goblins are on […]

Get Well Dishes

August 29th, 2013
Early in 2013, my father-in-law was diagnosed with bladder cancer. If that wasn’t startling enough, tests to determine whether the cancer had spread revealed lung cancer; different from the bladder cancer. Which turned out to be a good thing, in the hierarchy of cancer goodness that is. Needless to say, it’s been a long, bumpy ride. As we head into fall, I’m visiting my in-laws to help as best I can with recovery from a radical surgery (fingers crossed, […]

Eating Well While Eating Out. . .A Chicago Loop “Gem”

August 22nd, 2013
I love Chicago. Although I moved here years ago, rarely do I pass up an opportunity to spend time simply reveling in the energy and urban vibe of the city. My passion for the city is one of the reasons I established a Chicago office; it’s a perfectly fine justification for escaping the ‘burbs and […]

Cooking My Way Through “Forks Over Knives” – Better Late Than Never

August 9th, 2013
Yum Yum!
Though “The How-To Companion” to the feature documentary “Forks Over Knives” has been out for a couple of years, I’ve only recently picked up a copy. The reasons for only now getting to this small but mighty book are many, but primarily, I didn’t know it existed. I did, however, know about the documentary, and this past weekend I actually viewed it. What can […]

Inner Strength – Find It. Keep It.

July 22nd, 2013
Recently, just a little over a mile into my Morton Arboretum East side running route, I spied this bench. I’ve run this stretch of the Arboretum many times, so I couldn’t believe I’d never before seen this amazing piece of functional art. Perhaps because the location of the bench coincides with the “just getting warmed up” portion of my run, it was easy to overlook. […]